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The Dangers of Nationalism for EU Expansion

Posted by mayacu on March 29, 2009

The current global economic crisis is causing many proponents of the expansion of the European Union to worry. The crisis has led to an increase in “political protectionism,” or nationalism by more economically stable EU states. Plans to offer EU membership to new countries have been put on hold and there is debate as to whether the EU is stable enough to absorb less economically stable countries at this time. The ratification of the Lisbon Treaty would allow new countries to be offered membership, but it must be ratified by all 27 EU member-states. It is unlikely that this will happen soon and even if it does, it will be much longer before any other countries are offered or approved for membership. The European Union is one of the best examples in today’s world of large scale government and regional citizenship. However, this economic crisis has proven that the bonds of regional citizenship can only extend so far. As the threat of economic instability worsens, people become more and more loyal to their native countrymen and nationalistic. This nationalism and individualistic thinking is what is not threatening the unity and stability of the European Union. Despite the EU’s goals of regional unity and regional citizenship, they are now returning to nationalism and loyalty to one state, showing the possible flaws in such a system. When the situation gets dangerous, it’s every man for himself.

Here is the article from Reuters…


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