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Virtual Global Citizenship Revisited or Is It Wrong to Wear Virtual Shoes in a Virtual Mosque?

Posted by bklunk on February 3, 2009

Second Life and The Sacred: Islamic Space in a Virtual World | Digital Islam

Krystina Derrickson’s article describes the presentation and experience of Islam in the virtual world Second Life.

Islamic religious spaces are present in the multi-user virtual environment Second Life. Because they are designed after emotionally-charged real life sacred sites, such as Mecca, and because their designers instruct users to follow behavioral regulations typical of real life Islamic sacred spaces, the virtual spaces are interpreted as ambiguously sacred. This paper examines this phenomenon, utilizing the theories of Ken Hillis to explain how characteristics of virtuality, combined with the factors listed above, have led to this ambiguity. As ‘the virtual’ contains such ambiguously sacred sites as Mecca (though not as sacred as the geographical location in the Hijaz), theorists of religion should consider virtually-mediated experiences as one form of contact with ‘the sacred.’

Are there possibilities for educating for global citizenship in this experiment?  One of interesting aspects is the possibility of interacting with others from around the world without any fears based on personal security.More information about the Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds Project can be found at Dancing Ink Productions.

There is a really interesting research project here for somebody.


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Posted by bklunk on January 15, 2009

OurWorld 2.0
This fascinating blog, published by the United Nations University, asks the question:

What can we do when faced with complex,
inter-connected and pressing problems like climate change, oil
depletion and food security? 

OurWorld 2.0 tries to highlight innovative approaches to these challenging problems.  It just won the 2008 Weblog award for best design and it does look terrific.  We’ll be checking in regularly to find interesting material to feature.

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