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Institute for Global Citizenship

Posted by mykela1 on February 1, 2009

Macalester College’s Institute for Global Citizenship was started in 2005 and will soon be breaking ground on it’s new building. Partnered with the College’s Civic Engagement Center and International Center, the Institute for Global Citizenship’s mission is as follows:

“To encourage, promote and support rigorous learning that prepares students for lives as effective and ethical ‘global citizen-leaders’; innovative scholarship that enriches the public and academic discourse on important issues of global significance; and meaningful service that enhances such learning and/or scholarship while enriching the communities within which Macalester is embedded.”

The Institute awards one senior annually with a Global Citizenship Student Award and is currently working on collecting student ideas for the 100 Projects for Peace program. The goal of these projects is to foster peace and multicultural understanding, while using student ideas from 85 different college campuses.

To find out more about the Institute for Global Citizenship, click here.


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Posted by bklunk on January 15, 2009

OurWorld 2.0
This fascinating blog, published by the United Nations University, asks the question:

What can we do when faced with complex,
inter-connected and pressing problems like climate change, oil
depletion and food security? 

OurWorld 2.0 tries to highlight innovative approaches to these challenging problems.  It just won the 2008 Weblog award for best design and it does look terrific.  We’ll be checking in regularly to find interesting material to feature.

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