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HP is not alone…

Posted by byersk on May 10, 2009

There was a recent post reporting on the validity of HP’s global citizenship evaluation. I looked around in that area and found another corporation with a similar annual practice – John Deere. I’m sure there are plenty of companies that employ the same practice, but for the purposes of this post I will focus only on HP and John Deere.

Both companies reports featured an introduction with the respective CEOs: Robert Lane of John Deere and Mark Hurd of HP. Just by looking at the beginning of their reports, you can see that HP is interested in keeping their customers informed of their improvements while John Deere is more interested in the relationship between successful business and effective citizenship. Both examine what they believe to be key components of global citizenship including environmental concern, community involvement, and employee health and well being. The stand out similarity was that both companies aimed to keep in mind that how they do business will have far reaching affects across the globe – they aim to decrease negative impacts and increase positive ones. 

Whether these reports are to enhance public image or if they reflect a true evaluation of their respective companies, I commend HP, John Deere, and other corporations and companies who likewise keep in mind that they are part of global community and are concerned with their impact upon it. 



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