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HP and Global Citizenship

Posted by mayacu on April 24, 2009

HP recently released its Global Citizenship report and gave itself high ratings. They commended themselves for their ethics, compliance, and human rights and social investment practices. HP has done a lot to make their practices friendly toward the environment and humanity, regardless of whether you call this global citizenship or simply taking responsibility for one’s actions (which many do consider part of global citizenship). HP has worked to become environmentally sustainable and have supply chain transparency. They have also began to make and market many more recycled products and recycled packaging. I commend HP for all of their hard work to become a company that practices global citizenship and looks out for the people of this world, as well as the environment. However, I feel that this rating of good global citizenship would hold much more legitimacy if it was gauged by an uninvolved third party. The fact that HP evaluated themselves and gave themselves a good grade makes me wonder whether or not there is more than HP is telling us. An evaluation by a group other than HP would be much more reliable. If HP can pass a global citizenship test by some other group, then they truly are global citizens. But until this happens, I still have my doubts.


One Response to “HP and Global Citizenship”

  1. byersk said

    I will pass judgement on whether or not HP is worthy of the status of the global citizenship. Its good to see that HP wants to grade themselves but I do agree that a self evaluation really isn’t enough.

    However I will point out an example of their willingness to recycle products. If you purchase HP inks for your printer, you are provided with an envelope (which happens to be green) with which to return your used ink cartridge at no cost to you so it can be recycled by HP.

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