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North Korea launches rocket–missle test, or genuine satellite launch?

Posted by anequidnimis on April 5, 2009

On Sunday, April 5, 2009, as noted here and here North Korea launched a long range rocket that flew over Japan and ended up in the Pacific ocean.  This raises some interesting questions, both on the subject of N. Korea’s actual intentions, and the other nation’s responses.  While I think that, as Iran noted in the first article, that all countries should have the right to enter space, the means that N. Korea is using to try to attain this is highly suspect, given their previous missle launches and nuclear tests.   Analysis of the launch by those who know the difference of ballistics between a long range missle test and a rocket meant to reach space will be key to how the rest of the world reacts.  On that note, the closed door U.N. Emergency session that was called for by Japan, shows that those near to N. Korea are concerned with the actions, China aside who is relatively supporting of N. Korea.  Given that China has a veto on any sanctions that may occur, how the US will respond is still up in the air.


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