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World Autism Awareness Day

Posted by bklunk on April 1, 2009

Home – World Autism Awareness Day

There are lots of ways to be global citizens.  Participating in World Autism Awareness Day may be one.

First Ladies Message for World Autism Awareness Day


One Response to “World Autism Awareness Day”

  1. anequidnimis said

    I was afraid that this was an April Fool’s joke when I first saw it posted, to be honest. Given that it’s not (I think?!), I think this sort of way of viewing one self as a global citizen is very interesting. That you can be a ‘global citizen’ via helping people with medical problems, or diseases, and working to fix these problems, which are prominent across national boundaries, lets us view many people that may not be typically considered as cosmopolitan in a more favorable light; namely, researchers and doctors. It’s very good to see people from the UN working to be cosmopolitan in this fashion

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