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Montana Resident Helps Keep Tradition of Imperialism Alive

Posted by clark128 on February 8, 2009

Ever since the ability of claiming an entire nation by planting a flag in their soil has become a bit of a faux pas, cunning imperialists have found clever alternatives to exploit native peoples.

One such person is a fellow by the name of Ronald Larsen, a resident of Montana who owns a sizable ranch in Bolivia dedicated to raising cattle and growing soy.

However, this proud American entrepreneur has become the target of a most wretched crime. It seems as though Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia has decided its time for him to pack up and leave.

“They’ve singled me out as an American,” says Larson.

That’s right. You read this correctly Our son of liberty is the target of Racism. You see, Bolivia is divided between the natives in the highlands and the Europeans in the east. Now that a native has taken power he has begun to oppress businessmen just like Larson. Where does he get the ability to do such things? He is backed by so called “human rights groups” who aim to stamp out Larson’s practices.

They make claims such as Larson’s ranch pays as low as 40 dollars a year and is surrounded by armed guards and is near slavery. This simply isn’t true, as Larson states the workers on his ranch make at 80 dollars a month. That’s a considerably lighter form of soul crushing poverty.

How can this tyrannical regime get away with such injustice? Taking away land from rich European born folks and giving it to natives. It’s obscene.

Obviously they’ve never read Milton Friedman.


2 Responses to “Montana Resident Helps Keep Tradition of Imperialism Alive”

  1. I’m not entirely sure that I would call what Ronald was doing “imperialism”. I would call it entrepreneurism. In fact, you could even claim that he was being a global citizen. He most likely maintains several cross-cultural relationships, because of his residence in Montana and his ranch in Bolivia. Furthermore, he was spreading his wealth, bringing jobs to South America and aiding in the perpetuation of a global economy. Wouldn’t you say that his providing some jobs (even if they were at a low wage) would be preferable to there being none at all? I believe that he was actively participating both in American and Bolivian affairs, despite the fact that the Bolivian government kicked him out.

    I realize that Clark was being quite sarcastic, however, I think it’s important to point out the virtues of Mr. Larsen and how they could be interpreted as being those of a global citizen.

  2. bklunk said

    This is one where a link to the story would have been really helpful. It doesn’t look like Larsen was singled out because he is American. Bolivia has one of the most highly concentrated land ownership situations in the world. Bolivian voters recently voted to restrict landholdings to 5000 hectares per owner. The goal is to make it possible for the previously landless to own land and produce for themselves. Reality here is probably pretty complicated, but it’s notable to see that Larsen’s son has been quoted as saying that the Bolivian people who voted the land reform law are basically too stupid to be allowed democracy.

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