Imagine There’s No Countries . . .

Considering the Possibility and Practice of Global Citizenship

G.C. on TV

Posted by rfrankl on February 8, 2009

We talk about trends in society and the popular culture moving towards some kind of global citizenship and today I caught the moring talk shows, Meet the Press, FOX News Sunday, as well as GPS. The show on CNN, GPS with Fareed Zakaria is ostentatiously global oriented: the title of it, the man hosting it, the topics: both global warming and then a segment on the World Economic Summit in Davos. But the amazing thing is that people are watching it, normal people people are ascending out of their national caves to see what the wrold offers.

The global sentiment has the potnetial to become what political philospher Alexander Bickel called a tyranny of ideas. The segment on Davos exhibited economists blindly attacking protectionism and the folly of protectionism without explaining why it is bad and why free trade is good. There are many economists who now rethnking this prejudice of free trade that has dominated economic thought for a quarter century. Global citizenship has really and this would be a fascinating research topic infiltrated various disciplines like economics and I think anthropology as well. It would be interesting to see how these disciplines and global citizenship dance together.


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