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Sister Cities International: A Global Citizen Diplomacy Network

Posted by mayacu on January 29, 2009

5 Responses to “Sister Cities International: A Global Citizen Diplomacy Network”

  1. mayacu said

    I have no idea why my entire post became a link to the Sister Cities website, but it unintentionally did. Sorry about that!

  2. anequidnimis said

    Very true–getting to know people all around the world really gives meaning to having respect for global communities, particularly so in the aspect of environmentalism. That your actions can negatively affect the life of someone far away has been enough to make me pause and think twice many times.

    Also, that is a massive link.

  3. bklunk said

    It is also interesting that Stockton’s Sister Cities are a reflection of our ethnic diversity–Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Cambodian, Mexican, etc. That’s another nice bit of concreteness.

  4. Very interesting read Maya! Thanks for sharing… I wanted to say that this kind of initiative to make connections across the globe is crucial for mutual understanding and betterment of international relations. These “Sister Cities” provide a chance to connect with people that you may never have had the opportunity to meet – thus giving you an insight into their way of life, their culture, and their actions.

    As a side note, Folsom, CA – home of the famous Folsom Prison that Johnny Cash sings about, and the Folsom Dam – is quite close to my hometown and whenever you enter the city limits you are greeted by signs announcing that you are entering Folsom, CA – Sister City of some city in Italy (that I can’t recall at the moment).

    Professor Klunk: so am I to gather that Stockton has multiple “Sister Cities”???

    • bklunk said

      Yes, Stockton has a half dozen or more sister cities. We keep adding them and it’s hard to keep track, but there has been a clear effort to parallel Stockton’s ethnic make-up.

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