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Considering the Possibility and Practice of Global Citizenship

President Obama’s Inaugural Address

Posted by dgreening on January 25, 2009

In his Inaugural Address last Tuesday, President Obama recognized the disastrous state of the environment.  The “gathering clouds and raging storms” are a more literal image than I had first thought.  But, in keeping with the primary concepts of global citizenship outlined in Chapter 2, President Obama undoubtedly portrays himself as fully aware of the situation, responsible for it, and, most importantly, vows to participate in rectifying this troublesome state of affairs.  Already President Obama has moved for environmental reform, surrounding himself with a host of similarly-minded scientists.  Hopefully we now have a president who can lead us toward the kinds of reforms adopted in Europe, with massive reductions in emissions for cars and power plants a must.  Perhaps now we will join the rest of the global community in a quest to save the environment, with the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, or perhaps an updated version, a good first step.  As an additional cause for hope, a rare occurence when facing an imminent depression, the current economic turmoil will push businesses toward a greener approach, making Obama’s job a little easier, and hopefully making our planet a little cleaner.


One Response to “President Obama’s Inaugural Address”

  1. bklunk said

    Two things stand out for me here. One can act as a global citizen (aware, responsible, and contributing) without abandoning the interests of one’s own country. President Obama implicitly argues that it would be good for the US to act that way.

    But now, what about China and India?

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