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Magical Stream in India Grants Eternal Life.

Posted by clark128 on January 25, 2009

For harmful bacteria, of course.

Pharmaceutical plants have been dumping in the streams of India. This has created a concoction that could treat thousands of people! Now at first glance I thought this was a good thing, since I am all for panaceas. However, as I continued to read I realized the devastating possibilities.

Global Pandemics.

You see, the microbes in these streams that survive in these waters will adapt to be resistant to these drugs. Pretty soon, the folks who live around the water will be catching Extra Strength Flu that resists the medicine we use to treat it. Evolution dictates that over time, these microbes will become more prevalent than their more docile counterparts, and before you know it we’ll all be dead.

Well, wait, maybe WE won’t be dead. After all, it’s in India, and thats like, in China or something.*

Well that’s what YOU think. Believe it or don’t our water in the Beautiful and Glorious country of the United States of America is being contaminated with tasty drugs. Now, the EPA does regulate our water and makes sure that those mean ‘ol pharmacy companies don’t dump too much into our rivers. However, plenty of tasty pills get washed down the drain at various medical establishments.

While it hasn’t reached the astonishing levels in India, it is still indeed a present threat. I personally blame those pill pushers over at the Pharmacy School. The bloods on your hands, Pharmacists.**

*The author of this posts is full aware that India is in fact not part of China. Everybody knows it’s in Australia.

**Just kidding, Pharmacists.


3 Responses to “Magical Stream in India Grants Eternal Life.”

  1. bklunk said

    Clever, but not trivial, but I would really like a link to the story this refers to so I could read up a bit. Sounds like some Pharma company is not acting like a great GC.

    (And go easy on the Pharmacy School; they basically pay for the Conservatory).

  2. ahahahahahaha

    Very nice Clark – I loved the sarcasm! even though you were making fun of the pharmacy people =(
    and like Prof. Klunk said – go easy on us, the Pharm. School generates enough revenue to pay for your Conservatory!!

    I too would appreciate a link to the story, it sounds very interesting. I really want to find out which drug company it is so I can figure out what country it belongs to (if not India).

  3. clark128 said;_ylt=AomYS1qgRXIOVgp3bK72gcQBxg8F

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