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. . . I Wonder If You Can

Posted by bklunk on December 30, 2008

We will be blogging here about the possibility and practice of global citizenship.  John Lennon provides our theme song, not so much because we will be able to live in a world with no countries but really because whatever we think global citizenship to be we will need imaginations that do not stop at borders.


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Now This Looks Like Fun

Posted by bklunk on December 30, 2008

World Citizen Challenge

It’s a reading challenge for 2009.  This blog is running a virtual reading group that invites participants to get to know the world better and become
true world citizens. Not only will we be reading lots of interesting
books, but we’ll be discussing them as well. Anyone can join, even
those without the time to read a full book. The only real requirements
are an interest in the world and willingness to discuss it with others!

The list of participants is growing.  Take a look!

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Helpful Perspective

Posted by bklunk on December 30, 2008

Global Voices Online » Israel: Perspectives on Gaza Operation Cast Lead

The world has been watching with increasing urgency the Israeli military operations in Gaza.  The Israeli blogger Gilad Lotan has been monitoring opinion in the Israeli blogosphere about the operations and concludes that opinion is not monolithic:

The Israeli blogosphere has been massively reacting to the attacks in
Gaza and the growing number of Israeli cities under rocket fire attack.
Many supporting, many against and many claim that Israel ¨has no

The development of the blogosphere and sites like Global Voices Online gives us a chance to look in on discussions around the world in a way that was never possible before. 

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Global Citizenship at Davos

Posted by bklunk on December 30, 2008

A discussion of corporate global citizenship at Davos.

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